Brand ···· CLLR
Type ····· Freelance Project
Published ···· 2020

Category ····· Identity

Cuando Les Llamaron Rebeldes
In Peru there is a 33% resounding rejection of the LGBT community and the visibility of these people is completely nil. This has made many LGBT people have difficulties growing, integrating into society and more worryingly personal identification.

In 2020, a social project was created with the aim of empowering the LGBT community by telling their story in Peru through the voices of the same protagonists.

With a lettering designed exclusively for the brand using the rough and geometric finishes as a link to the carving, the XIERRA logo has a powerful, legible and authentic Wordmark reflecting the peruvian origin of the brand.
The creation of the name "Cuando les llamaron rebeldes" is based on the prejudice that the protagonists had to go through when they sought to fight for their rights and pave the way for the next generations of the community.

In this way, the target audience can have an idea of the content of the podcast as it suggests an introduction related to a story from the past and an act of rebellion, to go against the status quo.

The project had to take into consideration that it would initially launch as a podcast and then be taken to other platforms such as talks, a book, exhibitions, so it had to be versatile, attractive and easy to reproduce in different spaces.

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2021 — Lima, Perú