A little bit more
about me

I believe that every design well crafted and in great hands can actually impact people's lives in a meaningful way and even change the world. That’s what makes me a dreamer. However to create change is essential to understand people, the market, and the brand to develop unique experiences through strategy and design. And that’s what makes me pragmatic. You see, design is not only about aesthetics and beauty but about resolving problems, is thinking made sensory. My role as a designer is to understand a brand’s problem and turn it into an opportunity for change, for improvement.

It’s because of that I’m willing to work with people with great purposes, who aren’t afraid of dreaming big neither ashamed to be true to their values. People who recognize the difference between hopeful and confident, because we don’t pursue hope but crazy achievable goals. We both measure the risks and find the way of hacking the odds, challenging the ordinary by listening, analyzing, understanding, and innovating. I strive to work with great people, with pragmatic dreamers.

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2021 — Lima, Perú