Project ······ Ella Park
Type ········· Branding & Packaging
Year ········· 2021
Category ····· Skin Care

Ella Park
A youthful, flawless, fantasy skin is woman’s dream, at least this is Society’s say on Beauty standards. This paradigm has led us to pursue surreal results by applying countless layers of makeup while creating unhealthy makeup techniques, such as “beauty hacks”, just to get that «flawless look». Hence hiding our natural skin, our true uniqueness, and our beautiful imperfections, and thus making us feel ashamed of our authentic selves.

But what if we could challenge the Status Quo and dare to shift these unrealistic Beauty standards? Ella Park firmly believes that perfection is more than just aesthetics: it is about revealing instead of hiding, it is about transparency, and the freedom to be yourself and show it through glowing healthy skin. That’s Ella Park’s commitment, to revolutionizing the Skincare industry through science, honesty and positivity.

With a lettering designed exclusively for the brand using the rough and geometric finishes as a link to the carving, the XIERRA logo has a powerful, legible and authentic Wordmark reflecting the peruvian origin of the brand.
Ella Park is a new Skincare brand with a Clean Science philosophy, a mindset seeking the perfect and inclusive union between science and healthy beauty, focusing on authenticity and a fresh-empowering vision against beauty standards. The brand, however, needed a powerful redesign in order to communicate through it’s packaging the unique value: Being a positive and honest brand based on innovation and deep research were mental and physical health are the main priority.
The challenge in this project was to embody and merge the brand principles: Science’s systematic nature plus the beneficial impact the brand’s vision and results can achieve on our audience. The brand idea was inspired by the Labs where the product originated — immaculate white scenarios, shimmering lights, typographic symbols of chemical formulas — every aspect was key to illustrating the brand’s value.

Conveying the positive vision of Ella Park was paramount to balancing its scientific side. This was achieved by incorporating a soothing element such as Baker-Miller pink, a color pigment scientifically proven to evoke pleasing feelings in a positive and calming way. To enrich the pink’s soothing quality, it was decided to incorporate an iridescent effect drawn from the Laboratory’s lightning, thus exhibiting the wonderful essence of the brand.

Supported by customized lettering for the logotype, together, these elements elevate the brand to take a step aside from traditional beauty guidelines in the industry. All while inviting us to experience a new way to the skincare world: one where Science and Authenticity are the «Magic» we need. A skincare line for audacious women who aim to break free from social standards and shine a light on their true natural beauty. For those women looking for an honest brand that truly cares about their skin, and foremost, them.

2021 — Lima, Perú